Our Program


Open Book Daycare Centre dedicated to having your child participate in a program that enhances their learning and promotes curiosity.
We believe all children have the right to quality care and learning in a safe and healthy environment that is reflective of them, giving
them a sense of belonging. Each classroom is set-up to enhance children's cognitive, socio-emotional and language literacy skills following
HDLH Ontario's pedagogy for early years.

We offer care for children from toddlers through to preschool age. We provide a stimulating environment with a well-stocked dramatic block,
reading, science and art areas that have an open design to allow exploration between domains and flexibility for group experiences. All
fields are available to children throughout the day to provide the choice between self-directed play and teacher-lead experiences.

Open Book Daycare Centre aims to provide warm, consistent care, and teach children in a nurturing and respectful manner. We see children
as competent, curious and capable individuals with unlimited potential.

Our classrooms provide a variety of materials to support play and discovery while supporting various areas of development:

Cognitive stimulation through science and math experiences in a variety of areas, including sensory and creative

Fine and gross motor through daily activities, outdoor play, field trips and eating nutritious meals to support their healthy growth with
"Canada's Food Guide" serving as the basis for our menu

Social & Emotional interaction by implementing both small and large group activities that support co-operation, problem-solving,
co-operation and turn-taking

Communication, Language & Literacy skills are encouraged through child and teacher-directed activities and engaging circle-times